Wire Straightening & Cutting



Wytech started out in 1975 as a fine wire straightening and cutting house, developing currently into a world leader to the medical device industry. Through the development of innovative proprietary equipment (77 machines), and decades of refining its processes, Wytech has mastered the art of producing “dead-straight” wire in a variety of materials. Wytech’s standard straightening and cut wire technology is ideal for producing mandrels, stylets, corewires, and more.

  • “Dead-Straight” Performance: 0.002” tolerance over one foot of length, superior torquability, and variable stiffness
  • Round Wire Sizes: from 0.003″-0.145″
  • 77 proprietary, in-house developed and built straightening and cutting machines
  • Unique E-Z Grind™ process reduces stress concentrations, facilitates long shallow taper grinding, and minimizes requirement for heat treating
  • Pre-Coated PTFE Wire: straighten and cut without adversely affecting the coating
  • Shaped Wire: designed to produce perfectly straight shaped wire, such as “D,” “C,” and crescent shaped mandrels

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