Medical Wire Technologies

Wytech has spent nearly 50 years perfecting our craft at producing precise and high-quality medical wire technologies for tens of thousands of OEMs and contract manufacturers.

We are adept at working with multiple stainless-steel types, Nitinol, and other medical-grade alloys.

Wytech can provide uncoated and coated metal mandrels for the following manufacturing processes: bonding, coiling, extrusion, forming, grinding, packaging, and more. One-day delivery options are available through FastLane.

Wytech is a Leader in Medical Wire Technology

Our vertically integrated facility combines expertise and technology to support our customers' life-saving innovations. Our engineers and manufacturing staff allow us to produce medical wire fast, letting you focus on final product design.

We provide the top medical device manufacturers with wire and tube components to advance surgical outcomes.

  • FastLane quick turn material delivery allowing you to develop & produce your devices faster
  • FastTrack development expertise for value add in wire and tube components
  • Extensive breadth of capability within one facility
  • Scalability from development through high volume production
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The FastLane program was developed specifically to provide design engineers fast access to a wide selection of thin wall hypotubes & fine wire sizes, alloys and lubricious coatings for urgent developmental work.

  • Medical Wire
    • Stainless Steel, Nitinol, PTFE Coated & Parylene Coated Wire
    • Diameters ranging from 0.003" - 0.145", half sizes also available
    • Available in 60", 73″ and 120″ lengths
  • Hypotubes
    • Stainless Steel Thin Wall Metal Tubes
    • Diameters ranging from 0.009" - 0.112"
    • Available in various lengths
  • $200 minimum order required
  • COC included in each shipment
FastTrack Rapid Prototyping

Whether it’s a product evaluation, evaluating an alternative manufacturing process, or a situation that demands delivery in less than two weeks, FastTrack meets your needs.

  • Wire straightening and cutting
  • Wire and tube taper grinding, forming, end treating, and coating removal
  • PTFE hypotubes
  • Assembly
  • Heat treating
  • Grit blasting