Precision Grinding



Wytech has assiduously advanced its precision grinding capabilities over the last several years and is well qualified to meet the precision grinding requirements of most medical device wire and tubing component jobs. Wytech’s robust precision grinding technologies includes: standard centerless grinding, CAM grinding, ECG, CNC precision grinding, and a variety of conventional grinding equipment. Wytech is adept at working with multiple stainless steel types, Nitinol, and other medical grade alloys.

  • 1,000s of shapes and facets: micro-grinds, profile grinds, taper grinds, step grinds, flat grinds, OD grinds, and more
  • 0.002″ accurate wire positioning
  • Grinds of unlimited lengths
  • CAM Grinding: shape flats, threads, bumps, arcs, hexes, balls, ellipses, and concave/convex radii with linear tolerances as precise as +/- 0.001″
  • Flat grinds for “D,” “C,” and crescent-shaped lumen
  • Typical Grind Profiles: multi-taper, paddle, plunge for special mandrels, and skiving
  • Intricate profile grinds for PTCA Guidewires and Neuro Interventional Guidewires
  • Skiving: feature produced typically on Hypotubes to allow for a smooth transition for the tube flexibility in guidewire catheter assemblies
  • In-house annealing and stress-relieving for maximum flexibility in processing
  • Super abrasive wheels for efficient removal in a variety of alloys
  • 450 CM Loader Trays reduce set-up times
  • Laser profile gauging systems for quality control
  • Secured parts history library on grinding and inspection equipment for seamless setups


  • Bonding Mandrels
  • Biopsy Needle Stylets
  • Neuro Interventional Guidewires
  • PTFE Guidewire Cores
  • Sizing Mandrels
  • Stylets
  • Hypotube Skiving
  • Orthopedic implants/instrumentation

FlexGrind Needle Tips and Points

Wytech’s proprietary 5-Axis systems produce unique, multi-profile grinds and features not possible with conventional tip or point grinding equipment. Particularly, Menghini features or skived and scalloped tubes with varying grind angles for biopsy, aspirator needle sets, and more are ideally suited for Wytech’s FlexGrind program.

  • Types: bias grinds, lancet points, blunt ends, trocars, bevels, diamond points, trephine, and other unique tip geometries and profiles
  • Needle Tip: typical A & B bevel syringe type grinds
  • Point Grinding: conical point for wire
  • Chemical-etch marking and anti-core capabilities

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