Metal Tubing from Wytech

At Wytech, we provide precision hypotubes in a variety of configurations from burr-free cut to length tubing, to complex machined, laser-cut, and needle-pointed components.

We have the ability to manufacture tubing components in a variety of configurations, assuring that your quality objectives will be met while minimizing set-up times and costs.

Metal Tube Processing

Deburred Cut Hypotubes:  ECM, ECG, and laser cutting

Needle tips and points include: bias grinds, lancet points, blunt points, trocars, bevel points, diamond points, and more.

Tube fabrication includes laser machining, Wire EDM, CNC Swiss turning/milling, conventional machining equipment, and more.

Tube forming includes: flaring/flanging, Four-Slide, expansion/reduction, bulging/beading, notching/slotting, dimpling, and more.

Wytech has the ability to manufacture tubing components in a variety of shapes - including rounds, rectangles, squares, and customs.


Metal Tubing Applications

We’re pleased to offer the following metal tubing products to meet your needs:

  • Interventional Applications:
    • Catheters
    • Stents
    • Introducers
  • Advanced Surgical Applications:
    • Biopsy Needle Stylets
    • Cannula
    • Shavers
    • Trocars


  • Size Range: OD down to 0.010”
  • Wall Thickness: down to 0.002”
  • Lengths: 0.020” to 80.000”
fastlane logo

The FastLane program was developed specifically to provide design engineers fast access to a wide selection of thin wall hypotubes & fine wire sizes, alloys and lubricious coatings for urgent developmental work.

  • Medical Wire
    • Stainless Steel, Nitinol, PTFE Coated & Parylene Coated Wire
    • Diameters ranging from 0.003" - 0.145", half sizes also available
    • Available in 60", 73″ and 120″ lengths
  • Hypotubes
    • Stainless Steel Thin Wall Metal Tubes
    • Diameters ranging from 0.009" - 0.112"
    • Available in various lengths
  • $200 minimum order required
  • COC included in each shipment
FastTrack Rapid Prototyping logo

Whether it’s a product evaluation, evaluating an alternative manufacturing process, or a situation that demands delivery in four weeks, FastTrack meets your needs.

  • 100% focus on mandrel and core wire development with specialized equipment and dedicated manufacturing cell
  • Precision Centerless Grinding
  • Catheter mandrel and core wire development
  • Fast delivery, < 4 week
  • Dedicated inventory of common medical wire