Wytech unveils new Center of Excellence (COE) for Straighten & Cut Medical Wire

As part of Wytech’s multi-year strategy, we are excited to share that Phase 1 of our manufacturing operations expansion project launches our new Center of Excellence (COE) for high-precision Straight and Cut wire at 1572 Hart St in Rahway, NJ. This Phase 1 expansion allows Wytech to leverage our Rahway Campus infrastructure, including a third material storage facility to support double-digit growth for wire and metal tube mandrels that supports medical device manufacturing companies.  

Located steps from our existing headquarters at 960 Hazelwood, all Rahway Campus facilities have the same NSF-registered ISO:13485 standards and collectively contribute to producing over 83 million parts annually.  

If you have any immediate questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Wytech Sales Representative. Your Wytech Sales Representative Contact information can be found by visiting Wytech.com/about-us/contact.   

We are excited to share more updates as we begin the expansion of our new Center of Excellence (COE) for Straight Cut Wire.