Heat Treating



Heat treating is the process of altering the characteristics of wire or tubing as needed with sophisticated ovens. With decades of experience, Wytech exceeds all expectations as required when contracted to perform this service.

Temper Adjustment

  • 4-meter oven relieves stress for entire wire
  • Adjust to various stiffnesses throughout the length of the product
  • Customize stiffness: allows customer to adjust stiffness of the wire throughout the length of the product
  • Wide range of stiffness types available on a particular wire diameter, or can duplicate the characteristics of a customer’s existing prototype

Age Hardening (Entire Corewire and Hypotube)

  • Control variable stiffness
  • Optimize torquability
  • Pushability
  • Create variable stiffness wires

Tip Annealing

  • Adjust stiffness of tip as specified
  • Reduces internal stress to improve grinding characteristics and increase yield

Equipment List

  • 4 meter furnaces, 2 chambers
  • 3 stress relieving ovens

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