Tubing Components



With the acquisition of Micro-Tube Fabricators, Wytech has advanced its precision fabricated tubular manufacturing platform to be on par with its notable work with fine wire. From basic cut-to-length tubing to complex components, Wytech is prepared to be your reliable outsourcing partner for both wire and tubing components.

For every job, Wytech assigns a cross-functional team of tubing focused engineers and tool designers to consult as needed to achieve optimal manufacturing efficiencies, and to enhance the product’s speed-to-market. Many jobs over the years can be referenced that our customers have benefitted greatly from Wytech’s creative engineering input in the early stages of design. And as often the case, the outcomes were a more functional, cost effective, and timely delivered job. Please contact our engineering team for a thorough evaluation of your job.

Wytech has the ability to manufacture tubing components in a variety of shapes – including rounds, rectangles, squares, and customs. Additionally, Wytech is skilled at fabricating simple to complex features on tubing products including flaring/flanging, expansion/reduction, bulging/beading, notching/slotting, dimpling, and more.

To accomplish this competency, Wytech employs a host of technologies including laser machining, Wire EDM, CNC Swiss turning/milling, ECM, ECG, Four-Slide, conventional machining equipment, and more. Also, with complete in-house tooling and fixturing, Wytech is able to control the manufacturing process from start to finish assuring quality objectives are met, while minimizing set-up times and costs.

Wytech’s FlexGrind® service was developed primarily to manufacture precision needle tips and points. This includes the custom building of a proprietary CNC 5-axis system that produces unique multi-profile grinds and other features not possible utilizing conventional tip or point grinding equipment. Ideal applications include: bias grinds, lancet points, blunt points, trocars, bevel points, diamond points, and more.

Wytech is experienced working with most non-toxic materials, particularly many grades of stainless steel, Nitinol and other medical grade alloys. Additionally, Wytech offers welded/drawn tubing and seamless tubing for jobs that require high-end performance.


  • Size Range: OD down to 0.010”, WT down to 0.002”, Lengths 0.020” to 30.000”
  • Tolerances: OD 0.010”-1.000”, ID 0.005”-0.960”, Mean Wall Thickness +/- 0.0005”, fabrication +/- 0.0005”


  • Catheters
  • Stents
  • Orthopedic Implants/Instruments
  • Shavers
  • Biopsy Needle Stylets
  • Cannula
  • Trocars
  • Introducers
  • Non-medical, industrial applications

PTFE Coated Hypotubes

Wytech specializes in the manufacture or PTFE Coated Hypotubes that are 50% less expensive than standard spray coatings. There’s more:

  • Ideal application for EP Catheters, Guidewire Cores, and alternatives to wires in neurology, embolic protection, carotid artery therapy, and more
  • Stronger than standard PTFE spray coatings
  • Excellent flexibility, superior column strength and pushability, torquability, and lubricity for easy insertion and removal
  • Smooth and consistent thin coating – large inner diameter for more flow-through; reduced outer diameter to maximize clearance
  • PFOA and chromic acid free
  • Value-added services available: Selective coating removal, spiral cutting, square cutting, hydro-flushing, assemblies, skiving, heat treating to adjust stiffness, and more
  • Available in green, blue, black, gray, and clear

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