Wire Forming/Fabrication


Wire Forming/Fabrication

Wytech has assembled a host of wire forming/fabrication technologies to enhance its value proposition to its customers. What’s more, Wytech’s engineering and toolmaking staff are ready to assist in the design and development process to assure maximum production efficiencies are achieved.

  • Proprietary in-house tooling and dies
  • Manual tools for low volume requirements; pneumatic equipment for longer runs


  • Wire can be bent and formed to almost any shape
  • Wire diameters as small as 0.003”


  • Max flare, 1.5″ x OD


  • Packaging Mandrels and Stylets
  • Bonding Mandrels
  • Forming Mandrels
  • Sizing Mandrels
  • Pigtail Mandrels
  • Stent Coat Hangers

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