Wire EDM



Wire EDM is a highly repeatable and consistent process that is ideal for holding tight tolerances. Also, EDM allows for the creation of features not producible with traditional methods. With the addition of Micro-Tube Fabricators’ Wire EDM resources, Wytech now has the added capacity to turnaround EDM jobs faster.

  • Ideal for cutting, slotting, creating holes, notches, bevels, and oddly cut shapes
  • Burr-free smooth finish
  • Well suited for prototypes and production run quantities
  • Cut Tolerances: +/- 0.005” up to 6”, +/- 0.010” up to 12”, +/- 0.020” up to 18”, +/- 0.032” up to 24”, +/- 0.064” up to 36”,+/- 0.125” up to 48”, +/- 0.250” up to 60”
  • Works equally well with both wire and tubing

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