Laser Machining



Wytech recognizes the high performance benefits of laser machining ─ versatility, high level of repeatability, efficient process speeds, and more and will continue to develop its resources in this segment of the business.

Laser Cutting

Wytech’s CNC 6-axis laser cutting micromachining system is ideal for complex cut geometries on hypotubing, non-contact laser knurling, hole popping, and more. Dimensional precision and short cycle times are assured with this advanced machining center.

  • Part Diameter Range: 1.5-8 mm, 3”-14”/75-350 mm long
  • Accuracy: ≤ +/- 25 micron (0.001”)
  • Repeatability: ≤ +/- 10 micron (0.0004”)
  • Cutting Speed: 50 mm/second max
  • Prototypes to high volume runs

 Laser Welding

  • Welds can be for spot, seam, cosmetic, mechanical strength, and/or hermetic purposes
  • Rotational CNC controlled laser welding process enables accuracy of component mating for precision applications
  • Ideal for high-volume runs due to efficient process speeds, rapid cycling, and repeatability

Laser Marking

  • Best suited for permanent markings for tracking, part # identification, alpha numeric info, positioning locater, barcodes, and more
  • Non-contact, with little heat input, discoloration, or oxidation
  • Depth marking, etched, laser

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