Wytech offers a wide variety of PTFE and Parylene coated products ideally suited for mandrels, guidewires, catheters, probes, and more. This includes full or custom lengths in a variety of colors for PTFE and clear for Parylene.


  • Available in green, blue, black, gray, clear, and other colors available upon request
  • Pre-coated or spray coated
  • Continuous coating for maximum efficiency/spool to spool
  • Spray coating for complex shapes
  • PFOA free
  • Base metals: Stainless steel, copper, nitinol, and more


  • Utilized in a variety of medical applications to supply surface modification for either implantable or non-implantable devices including: Catheters, seals, stents, cochlear implants, surgical tools, pacemakers, and other components
  • Clear
  • Three types: N, C, HT™
  • Vacuum-deposited; properties include:
    • Lubricity
    • Electrical Insulation
    • Chemical
    • Thermal
    • Biocompatibility


  • Increases wear resistance, reduces friction, and minimizes corrosion

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