Wire/Tube Fabrication



Burr-Free Cutting

Wytech can supply 100% burr-free cuts on wire and tubing components in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. What’s more, by utilizing in-house proprietary equipment, most burr-free cutting jobs can be completed in 1-5 days.

  • Shapes: square, round, half-round, oval, angle cuts of any sized wire and tubing, and customs
  • Wire and tubing starting from 0.00125”
  • Lengths range from 020″to 80.00″ with tolerances from +/-0.0075″
  • Fast Lead Times: 1-5 business days

Laser Machining

Wytech continues to invest in laser machining to satisfy the current and future needs of its customers. This includes the recent acquisition of a 6-axis laser machine with plans for additional purchases in 2017 including a state-of-the-art marking system.

Laser Cutting

Wytech’s recently acquired 6-Axis Micromachining Laser System is ideal for complex cut geometries on hypotubing, non-contact laser knurling, hole popping, and more. Dimensional precision and short cycle times are assured with this advanced machine center.

  • Part Diameter Range: 1.5-8 mm, 3”-14”/75-350mm long
  • Accuracy: ≤ +/- 25 micron (.001”)
  • Repeatability: ≤ +/- 10 micron (.004”)
  • Cutting Speed: 50 mm/second max

Laser Welding

  • High precision welding for stainless steel alloys and other select materials
  • Welds can be for spot, seam, cosmetic, mechanical strength, and/or hermetic purposes

Laser Marking

  • Best suited for permanent markings for tracking, part # identification, positioning locater, and more
  • Non-contact, with little heat input, discoloration, or oxidation
  • Depth marking, etched, laser


Wire EDM is a highly repeatable and consistent process that is ideal for holding tight tolerances. Moreover, EDM allows for the creation of features not producible with traditional methods.

  • Ideal for cutting, slotting, creating holes, notches, bevels, and oddly cut shapes
  • Burr-free smooth finish
  • Well suited for prototypes and production run quantities
  • Cut Tolerances: ±0.005″ for up to 6″, ±0.010″ for up to 12″, ±0.020″ for up to 18″, ±0.032″ for up to 24″, ±0.064″ for up to 36″, ±0.125″ for up to 48″, ±0.250″ for up to 60″
  • Works equally well for both wire and tubing


Swaging is a cold working process that Wytech offers its customers when the need to reduce tubing sizes or to close ends completely is required.

  • Tube Closure Methods: Pencil points, full radius, closed end, or bullet point
  • OD as small as 25 Ga (O0200″)

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