Surface Modifications



Wytech employs a variety of manufacturing techniques to assure the surface requirements of the product ordered meet customer specifications.

  • Electrochemical and other chemical processes used to enhance the finish and cleanliness of metal components and assemblies
  • Reduction of surface stress concentrators, blemishes, and crack propagation
  • Negligible hydrogen embrittlement, improved fatigue life, and performance
  • Processing capabilities available for a variety of sizes and shapes


  • Acidic chemical process capable of creating burr-free edges on complex geometries
  • Effective method to deburr, polish, and radius complex components
  • Smooth, matte, or darkened surfaces
  • Creates highly polished smooth finishes for radiused edges
  • Surface finishes as low as 4 RMS
  • Tube ID: Electropolishing available for improved surface finishes ˂8 Ra
  • ASTM B912


  • Processed to ASTM Standards with certifications

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